CineRewardz Movie Vouchers
  CineRewardz Movie Vouchers: CineRewardz Movie Vouchers are one of the best instant gratification motivational rewards. CineRewardz are the highly appreciated and accepted rewards
and gifts by all the verticals be it customers or patrons, employees or sales chain, business or channel partners designed around movies.

There are 2 types of CineRewardz Movie Vouchers detailed as under :

a) Silver Screen CineRewardz Voucher:

A CineRewardz product Silver Screen CineRewardz Vouchers are basically designed for consumer promotion. The Silver Screen CineRewardz Vouchers are valid for all Movie shows Monday to Thursday and morning shows on weekend.

b) Premium CineRewardz Voucher :

A CineRewardz Product Premium CineRewardz Voucher valid for all days all Movie shows.

  Case Studies
  Loop Mobile
  Loop Mobile was approached with the gamut of services in RewardPort kitty for their consumer promotions program. Keeping in view the target audience, RewardPort recommended CineRewardz voucher for their patrons as a instant gratification reward program. Loop Mobile like the idea and CineRewardz voucher are constantly used by LOOP MOBILE to motivate their patrons and stay connected.

  One of the RewardPort Relationship expert approached Ranbaxy to use the CineRewardz Voucher to gift to their sales chain / doctors and the same was immediately accepted by the Ranbaxy team, they were looking in for some exiting product which could be used for gifting and have a strong connect, easy to distribute and have wide acceptance.

RANBAXY used a CineRewardz voucher pre loaded with 2 tickets to gift their sales force, this was highly appreciated by the team to take a refreshing entertainment break.

  ICICI Bank
  ICICI Bank a regular client of RewardPort was looking in for a instant gratification gift for their special campaign to connect with the patrons family member.

RewardPort suggested rewarding them with the CineRewardz Movie voucher for the Couple. The exercise was successful and ICICI Bank, enabling them to achieve their set Goal.

  L&T Finance
  RewardPort has recommend L&T finance to use the CineRewardz voucher for Referral Program. L&T Finance like the concept and have successfully used this for their Referral Program.

  One of the big account of Rewardport was recommended by the RewardPort to use the CineRewardz for Consumer promotion buy a product and get a chance to see free movies.

Reliance have successfully used in their consumer promotion with different theme and reward Program. Reliance have placed repeat order.


  Bombay Dyeing
  RewardPort has recommended to use Cine Rewardz as the assured Gift in the consumer promotions. Bombay Dyeing have run the promotion and it was great success and placed big order.