CineRewardz Movie Card
  A CineRewardz product CineRewardz Movie Card is a product used by corporate for long term loyalty program and brand recall activity.

CineRewardz Movie Card are preloaded with 2, 4, 6, 12 or more tickets and there of multiple of 2 tickets. CineRewardz Movie Card pre loaded with 4 tickets are valid for 2 months, Movie Card preloaded with 6 tickets are valid for 3 months, preloaded with 12 tickets are valid for 6 months, preloaded with 24 tickets are valid for 6 months.

CineRewardz Movie Card can be designed either for Silver Screen CineRewardz voucheror Premium CineRewardz voucher, based on the corporate promotion and or gifting budget.

E.g.: For a corporate long-term loyalty program please visit the Mobile Store / BlackBerry promotion site:


  Case Studies
  The Mobile Store
  The Mobile Store wanted to run a consumer promotion with a idea to have a brand recall activity for their blackberry clients and was looking for a value adds and product which could help them to
carry the program.

RewardPort recommended a Movie Card preloaded with 24 Movie ticket pins to be gifted to their customers on each and every purchase of BlackBerry phone. RewardPort designed a unique web engine and "Movie Card" for the program. The Mobile Store & BlackBerry liked the idea and kick start the campaign, more then 9000 Movie Cards were gifted to the purchasers of BlackBerry highend phone during the promotion period, It was a great success.

  The Electronic Store
  The Electronic Store was looking for some new product for launch of their electronic retail outlet.
RewardPort recommended a Movie Card preloaded with 12 pins and created a special site

  RewardPort has approached Samsung to use the Movie Car pre loaded with 6 pins valid for redemption of six Movie Tickets.
Samsung has liked the same and will use the same to connect with their patrons as well as sales chain.
  CineRewardz Gift Hampers :

CineRewardz Gift hampers basically comprise of mix of Movie Vouchers, or Movie Card with meals, cold drinks, other gifts such as Holiday vouchers or branded gifts like Pearl set, watches, Sun Glass, DVD Players and other gifts based on the corporate budget.