Cine Rewardz - Features / Highlights
  Cine Rewardz - Features

1. Valid Across 1500+ screens in 472 theatre location on Pan India basis     cities, covering all major multiplex chains in India.

2. Multiple Delivery and fulfillment format - Print, Mobile and Web

3. Customisable by City, Movie, Shows, Seating, Days and more

4. Your customers redeem thru a specially created website for you .

5. Best rates in the industry

6. Managed by RewardPort - A ISO 9001 Company

Why Choose CineRewardz
Best in the Business
because we offer the most comprehensive and customisable product in the business and that translates into sales. That's why, we've sold over 5million certificates across various categories to more than 200 corporate.

Largest Multiplex Network
o Largest Multiplex Network
CineRewardz can be redeemed for movies tickets just about every multiplex network in India. So, no matter where your customers are, we're there, too. Our wide theatre network is constantly expanding. See the network on
Affordable. Really.
Using CineRewardz you can send your customers to the movies, or reward your sales chain and employees. One of the best instant gratification reward and to stay connected with your target audience. Best Gift for your near and dear ones. Top up with popcorn and a soda with our concession reward for a lot less than you think.
Customized To Meet YOUR Objectives
Every CineRewardz promotion is custom built for you. This gives you the flexibility to deliver your promotion many different ways - Online, In-Pack, Mail-In, or Handout and because it's all built to your specifications, every customer touch point can reflect your brand and help you to meet marketing goals