1. What is CineRewardz?
2. I want to run a Consumer Promo. How many vouchers / cards can I buy? What is the cost per CineRewardz voucher?
3. I want to run consumer promo only in one city is it possible to program the voucher for validity in that city?
4. What seats are allotted under consumer promo program?
5. I want to issue Cine Rewardz voucher under consumer promo or incentive program to be valid on all days of the week ?
6. What is the validity of the CineRewardz Silver Screen vouchers?
7. What is the validity of the CineRewardz Silver Screen Movie Card?
8. What are the ways I can reach the voucher to my customers / dealers and employees?
9. Can I have a voucher for a particular movie , city , region ?
10. Is the voucher transferable?
11. What if the customer loses the voucher?
12. I want to exercise a Brand Recall activity for Patrons?
13. Can I Gift my employees on their birthdays, anniversary?
14. I want to reward sales team on weekly, monthly achievements?
15. I want to gift and entertain the entire sales team on achievement of target?
16. I want to gift and entertain the employees on festive occasions?
17. How Can I have a product launch, branding Opportunity with CineRewardz?
Ans. The CineRewardz are Rewardz designed around movies for Corporate to suit their programs as per their promotion, incentive and BTL budgets.
a. Consumer promotion
b. Incentive Program
c. Referral Program
d. Gifts

The CineRewardz vouchers/ cards are valid for booking of Movie shows. CineRewardz voucher can be for a single ticket or more. We can also have a CineRewardz Card which can be
uploaded with 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 24 movie tickets.

There are two types of CineRewardz voucher CineRewardz Silver Screen voucher & CineRewardz Premium voucher. CineRewardz Silver Screen voucher are valid for all shows from Monday
to Thursday only and morning shows on weekend. & CineRewardz Premium voucher valid for all day all shows. Similarly a Movie Card can be for Silver Screen or a Premium Movie Card.
The vouchers are valid for booking movie tickets on the parent site www.CineRewardz.com as detailed on the vouchers, which has a connect with 350 theatres / multiplexes chain on Pan
India basis.
Or on a customized site for consumer promotion for corporate client eg: www.tms.CineRewardz.com
Ans. CineRewardz are one of the best entertainments Rewardz to have a strong connect with the customers. You can buy any numbers above 500 vouchers.
The cost per CineRewardz Silver Screen Voucher is Rs.80/- each and CineRewardz Premium Voucher is 150/- each.

Or you can buy CineRewardz Silver Screen Movie Card or CineRewardz Premium Movie Card.
Ans. Yes. We can design a vouchers which can be valid for redemption only at a particular city at the best price, which can be at 20 to 25 percent les then the door ticket in that particular city theatre or region.
Ans. Normally under the Consumer promotion program, Silver screen CineRewardz vouchers are issued. These vouchers are valid for booking on all shows Mon thru Thursday and shows
before 12 am on FRI, SAT and SUN. The voucher is valid for best available silver class seats and not valid for special screenings, paid preview, premier, new release movies in the first
week and gold class seats.
Ans. We recommend to use CineRewardz Premium voucher which can be valid for all day all shows, this comes at a premium cost of Rs.150 to 250/- each, taking in to consideration the
program plan and other related factors, based on the minimum block of 500 vouchers.
Ans. The validity of the vouchers are for three months from the date of issue.
Ans. The validity of the Cine Rewardz Silver Screen Movie Card can be one year from the date of issue loaded with 24 Movie tickets or 6 months uploaded with 12 Movie tickets.
The Card is valid for redemption of only Two Movie tickets every month.
Ans. You can gift them in ways which suit the best to the target audience
1. online evoucher
2. Printed voucher
3. M-voucher
Ans. Our unique program and backend support enables you to tweak the voucher based on your requirement. The vouchers can be design based on the regions,
movie ( or set of movies ) , multiplex chain even by actor ,genre or directors, at extra premium to suit the theme and program.
Ans. CineRewardz Vouchers/cards are non transferable.
Ans. Lost CineRewardz vouchers/ cards cannot be replaced.
Ans. Recommend to give every month Cine Rewardz voucher or preferably a branded Movie Card either valid for six months or a year.
Ans. YES. We recommend to give them a CineRewardz premium vouchers or a Movie Card, OR a Gift hamper comprising of the any two or more from the following
Movie Vouchers, branded watch, pearlset and holiday discount vouchers.
Ans. YES recommended to reward them with CineRewardz premium vouchers.
Ans. Recommend organizing a group show, with adding on refreshments of soft drink and snacks.
Ans. Recommend to block group bookings with snacks and some gifts Movie CDs, T-shirts, watches, pearl set.
Ans. CineRewardz can be a great platform for a branding opportunity and product launch; you can be a part of the Movie release and encash the Cinema and Star Magic to
promote your product and branding exercise, be a part of the Media and publicity, Pre Book tickets and also have On theatre special mention.