About us
  CineRewardz, are one of the best instant gratification motivational rewards. CineRewardz, are the highly appreciated and accepted rewards and gifts by all the verticals be it customers or
patrons, employees or sales chain, business or channel partners designed around movies. CineRewardz, are refreshers, CineRewardz, have a strong connect and people of all age have a
great liking for cinemas and have emotional attachment with the movies and their stars. It is needless to mention that the Cinemas have great connect with the lifestyle of people from all folds.
At times people celebrate birthdays, anniversary or arrange meetings, get together of friends, family around and by watching Movies. CineRewardz, are the best entertainment Rewardz. CineRewardz, helps you to build strong and memorable connect.

On the Corporate front CineRewardz, is very useful product be it consumer promotions, incentives or gifts, brand recall activity or branding.

1. Consumer promotion: Its really works to have a consumer promotion around Cine Vouchers, Most simple can be Buy a product and get a free movie ticket or 2 or more tickets based on
the promo budget, theme and product.

2. Incentives or Gifts: CineRewardz, are also used as a instant gratification and rewarded to best performers, target achievers. CineRewardz, are also used for team building and group shows, Gifts on Birthdays, anniversary to employees or business associate. Banks, Insurance, telecom companies are using for Referral program too.

3. Corporate clients have used CineRewardz, Movie vouchers & Movie Cards as a continuous engagement reward program for brand recall exercise as well as
branding activity to connect and reach their patrons.

CineRewardz, also brings you the unique opportunity to have a tie up with films, production house to associate with the film release, premiere, special screening, video release, audio release
and more at a nominal budget. Entertainment is the best media to build your brand. Corporate clients have used the CineRewardz, platform to be a part of Fox Movies release AVTAAR MY
NAME is KHAN or Yash Raj Film or Aamir khan starer

CineRewardz, can be a unique solution for 101 corporate areas of concerns.

Team CineRewardz. can design a one window seamless hassle free Rewardz program

Benefits & Advantages of CineRewardz for Corporate Client:

People Love the Movies; Almost 1.5 billion people went to the movies last year. That's more than all other leisure activities combined. Why not leverage the power of Bollywood/Hollywood
to increase your sales while at the same time increasing customer loyalty? Cue up CineRewardz. and send your customers to the movies!

Reward your customer with the Cine Rewardz Voucher. Customer Visits www.CineRewardz.com and registers his voucher. Your customer uses his registration to go to the movies from the largest selection of Multiplex network by booking online at www.CineRewardz.com

The CineRewardz Advantage 1
Best in the Business, because we offer the most comprehensive and customizable product in the business and that translates into sales. That's why; we've sold over 5million certificates across various categories to more than 200 corporate. To be precise CineRewardz are designed at the best price and lowest movie tickets rates, Includes all Major multiplex chains, the only of its kind in India. Backed by strong technology back end. Flexible and easy to implement with multiple delivery platforms print, mobile and internet.

Largest Multiplex Network, CineRewardz can be redeemed for movies ticket just about every multiplex network in India. So, no matter where your customers are, we're there, too. Our India wide theatre network is constantly expanding. See the network on www.CineRewardz.com .

The CineRewardz Advantage 2
Affordable, Using CineRewardz you can send your customers to the movies or buy them popcorn and sodas with our concession reward for a lot less than you think.

Customized To Meet YOUR Objectives, Every CineRewardz promotion is custom built for you. This gives you the flexibility to deliver your promotion much different way - Online, In-Pack, Mail-In, or Handout and because it's all built to your specifications, every customer touch point can reflect your brand and help you to meet and marketing goals.